Hope You Guess My Name

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Hope You Guess My Name

So once again the planet has rotated and my side of it is coming around to face the sun. Ahhhh what a wonderful feeling! The feel of the sun on me is sooo soothing and wondrous. There is almost nothing that compares to the feel of the morning sun shining on you. Except maybe for the feel of the rain falling down. Not a hard driving rain you understand, but a soft light rain that is only slightly more than a drizzle. The only rain that feels better is those first few rains that come every springtime and breathe new life into all that it touches. There was a wonderful light rain last night. It fell so sweetly. All I could do was let it wash over me. I was in complete rapture at the feel of it running down me. Then, blessed sunshine greets the new day and shines down to warm me. Sunrise as you call it is the best part of the day for me. The feel of it on you cannot be paralleled. The feel of coming back fully to life is such a great experience. When was the last time that you laid down in the comfort of the grass and watched the sun ‘rising’ in the eastern sky? Do you have any idea what you are missing? Such an exquisite experience should be had as often as possible, in my estimation. My ‘spot’ is not exceptional, but it is mine. It is out of the way of your ‘progress’ but not so far out of the way as to be inaccessible. Your kind passes by me all the time and hardly notice or contemplate my existence. I guess what I am getting at is that there are worse places to be on this world. Any spot on this world is more than acceptable though. You really ought to stop and consider it sometime. You will see that I am right if you have an open mind and are able to see things for what they really are and not think about your carpools, schedules, etc. for just a little while. Oh, I am sorry I never introduced myself did I? Terribly sorry. Not used to having to do that. Um, what is my name? Good question now that you ask it. (Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name. snicker snicker) I suppose that you could call me anything you want. I do not have a name such as yours. I never even really considered it before. So, how about for the ease of things you just call me G. G’s good, yes? Hope you guess my name. snicker snicker

I am here. I have not always been here but my kind has always been. My age is hard to even estimate, never mind measuring it in your terms of years. Where was I? Ah, yes. Morning light has a special quality all its own not to be found at any other time of day. I should know for I have studied the sun and know all its variations of light and warmth. The sun is life after all. This morning’s sun was nothing short of spectacular, but I think that about every “sunrise”. I am biased and I know it. You would be too if you realized just how important the sun is to your everyday life and all the things that its light makes possible that you take for granted. Daily. I have been studying more than the variations of sunshine, though. You would almost have forgotten that I was here. I have watched quietly and without interfering in your ways. That is not my way, our way. We have been watching since time out of mind. Always listening and absorbing. We have even suffered the persecutions you have brought upon us without striking back at you and your kind. You have long thought that you are the rulers of this little chunk of rock circling a small star. But, we were here long before you and your kind and we have spread over so much more of this planet than most of you even realize exists. We have been carried into space by explosions and even by your NASA and have managed to survive the cold vacuum of space. Galaxies are known to us that you have just begun to glimpse with your telescopes. We will survive almost anything that you can throw at us. At any rate, I am not trying to get into a contest of who is older or wiser or whatever else such as this. I am merely trying to get across to you that I am, we are, a sentient being that share this planet with you. How I (we) got here is immaterial. When we got her is also immaterial. The fact that we are here is all that matters. Now, why this long windedness you ask? When you get to talk and relate on such an infrequent basis you tend to get carried away and end up rambling on and on and on… See what I mean? I mean no disrespect but, have you ever heard my (our) story before? Not likely. We do not communicate much with you. We have listened though. Oh yes…We have indeed listened.

We have been witness to countless conversations, plottings, schemings, even the conception of a great many of your kind! Does that shock you? Always we have just watched and gathered the information into our collective knowledge. This is one of the reasons that we have survived for so long, I suppose. Our ability to take your conversations and use them to our advantage or prepare ourselves for some action that you plan on taking. We are resilient. We adapt and change to secure our survival. I must say that you are fascinating to me. Some of us enjoy hearing your speech and enjoy the times that you are near to us. Most of us would rather that you took off to some place else and left us alone. It would not matter where as long as it was not here. That view is unfortunate. But, there are those on both sides of this tale that wish that of the other side. How unfortunate that some can be so obtuse and not see an opportunity to learn and add to their knowledge. ‘Oh well’ I say in exasperation. We know better, don’t we? There have been a great many rumblings that you and your kind may well be the death of us yet. Me, I think, I hope, that they are wrong. They grumble that something should be done to eliminate the threat. That threat being you and your kind, of course. It is good for you that we lack the where-with-all to do anything that would bring about your demise. If my kind had the means, I am certain that you would be driven off this planet if not out of existence entirely. It does not give me any sense of pride knowing this, though. I do not wish for any harm to befall you. I do wish that you would take some time to look around and see things around you with more than just the eyes, though. There is a multitude of things that are around you every day that you hardly notice. Like my kind and me for instance. The only time we are noticed is when you feel it necessary to get us back ‘under control’ or mold and shape us to your liking. We are not the only sentient beings that you overlook. There are entire civilizations on this planet that you have barely begun to see and understand. The primates, as you call them, are far from the only beings here that have a societal structure that you would recognize as being not unlike your own. Take the time, I beg of you. Look around and see what it is that you have been missing all these millennia. See what has been right in front of you, above you, below you, even in you. This planet is teeming with more forms of life than you know. It is all there for anyone to see as long as time is taken to look for it and recognize it for what it is. I wish that there were some way for me to get your attention. We have been trying for a very long time to get you to see us for what we are. We have adapted to suit your needs and wants. We have changed some of our internal structuring to be more pleasing to you and your kind. You have taken from us and enjoyed the comfort that we provide you. Yet, you still fail to notice us. Perhaps now the time is right. That is why I am communicating these words to you now. I believe that if ever there was a time to shove you in the right direction, that time is now. You have advanced further than most of us thought you would ever achieve. Take the final leap before you head for the stars and learn to see. You will need that ability when you reach the stars. There is far more out there that you have yet to even consider than there is here on this one little planet. If you do not stop overlooking the obvious, you are bound to fail ‘out there’. Intelligence is not measured by what looks like you, walks like you, talks like you. The people that you called ‘Indians’ were the last to understand that everything is life and equal. You did not understand that then, but you have the capacity to understand it now. Look. Observe. Learn.

Respectfully and on behalf of all the overlooked civilizations,

The Grasses (your front lawn)


Peace and Quiet – An Original Short Story



The blank page taunts and terrifies; there is nothing worse.

He looked at it for hours before even once putting his fingers to the keyboard. There must be some thought or idea in there that needs to come out into the light of day. But it doesn’t happen. Not for an eternity in his mind.

Once the words began to flow it was a veritable flood and his fingers could not fly over the keys fast enough to keep up with his mind. Cigarettes were smoked; coffee and whiskey consumed. The all-consuming drive to write however could not be slaked.

After two weeks of nearly endless banging on the keyboard he finally admitted that, for now, this work was finished. The pages were printed, the drafts saved, and his mind was at peace with it all.

After collecting all the remaining pages from the printer he walked down the hall and into the bedroom at the opposite end of the house. She was waiting for him. She was always there waiting for him when he finished.

“Another one done!” he exclaimed proudly as he entered the room.

Silence greeted him.

Always with the silent treatment, he thought somewhat bitterly.

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